Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buy Smart, Buy American Made

Have you noticed recently that most products being sold are made in China and other foreign countries? What has happened to made in USA? Our town of Barnwell has recently felt the effects of industries moving their factories to other countries. This greatly hampers not only our local economy, but the economy of our country. Let's send a message to these companies by finding alternative products that are made in USA. But, this is not an easy task. I recently read an article about a man who went to one of the "big box" stores to find a shirt that was made in USA. He asked the assistance of a sales person and they were unable to find any type of shirt that was made in USA. He stated that if everyone asks for made in USA products in every store we shop, we will send a message to the company buyers to add more made in USA products. I have taken up the challenge to do this at Evelyn's. I have marked all the products that are made in USA with a special sign in the shop. These signs will make it easy for you to find these great products. We are going to market soon and finding made in USA products will be our major focus. Let's put the pride back in owning made in USA products. Visit us at our website, to see a sampling of our made in USA treasures. Lets all make a positive difference to our economy. Remember to buy smart, buy made in USA!