Thursday, August 18, 2011


I often hear many people ask if their current decor is in style. I had a wise designer tell me that if you like it & it feels comfortable to you, then it is in style. We too often decorate our homes to please or impress others. I love going into a home that is purely eclectic & a little disheveled. I can see a person's personality in their collections & objects they proudly display. We try to do that same thing in our shop displays. I know "themes" are the thing in most shops, but I like to show how you can add any beautiful object into your home with ease. Choosing a color in different mediums & textures is a great way to update an existing decor. I always like to soften a room with beautiful florals & vibrant pillows. Small, independent shops like Evelyn's are the perfect place to find the most unique objects for your home. We search out great items that cannot be found at the big box stores. These will make your home look unique & not like your neighbor's home. And small shops will give you the individual service that is so hard to find in mass merchant stores. I always tell people to buy the best they can afford. Simply buying a lot of cheap product to fill your home will only give it a cheap look. You will be proud to have those special objects that show craftsmanship & great style. As summer begins to fade away, we will begin to transition the shop for fall. Now is the perfect time to infuse some style into your your home. And, we will always be glad to help you express your style in your home.