Saturday, April 26, 2008


The other day I had to have a large branch removed from a tree in my front yard. As the branch came down, I noticed a wonderful bird's nest tucked in the corner of the branch. It is amazing how complex this nest was made out of just twigs and straw. I thought of the hard working birds who made this nest for their young babies. I have a couple of robins that follow me around the yard when I am working outside. They love for me to dig around in the ground in hopes I will dig up a delicious dinner of worms for them. I know that they give their first tastings to their young ones waiting patiently for them. You know they love to see their mom come back with this special treat. This is the time of year we honor our mother's for all they do for us everyday. Let us help you honor your mother with a gift as unique as your mother. Hope to see you soon! (Don't forget to visit us at our beautiful tent at the Festival On The Round this Saturday, May 3rd.)

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