Sunday, January 4, 2009


Where did the year go? Can you believe it is already a new year? This new year will be an exciting and mysterious time as our country prepares for a new president and recover from the recession we have been suffering through. We would like to thank you, our valued customers, for helping us have a wonderful Christmas season! As the "big box" stores were struggling, you helped us have a profitable season. Many of you told us you were shopping locally and we are greatly appreciative for your generosity! We hope you were excited with our unique collections of personalized gifts that you gave and received. Our monogrammed jewelry was our star this Christmas. If you didn't receive any for Christmas, don't fret. Valentine's Day is soon approaching and cupid will be listening for hints! We are going to market soon to find many treasures to bring back to the shop. We try to continue offering you the most unique and trend forward gifts, decorative accessories, and jewelry that you will have to have! Future posts will show you our unique finds. Spring will bring a new look for the shop and several special events you will want to attend. Check our website for upcoming shop events. If there is ever anything you are searching for, let us know. We will try our best to find it for you.

Everyone at Evelyn's hopes you will have a blessed new year!

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