Sunday, February 27, 2011


We have recently had a successful Spring & Easter Open House & I thought I would give you a little background into what goes into making a successful Open House.
We searched, found, & bought Easter treasures last July at the Atlanta International Gift Market. These all were shipped to us in December & we marked & sorted into categories for the Open House. We planned the date of our Spring Open House last July also.
I drew out my floor plans over Christmas so that I would know where every item would be placed. I then worked on a postcard that we gave out at the shop & mailed. I must have taken 50 pictures to capture the spirit of the Open House that I put on our postcard.
On the week of Open House we moved all the furniture around according to floor plans. We then had the fun task of opening all the boxes & displaying all the treasures.
We always serve our delicious peach bellinis that everyone loves, & this year Hannah made her delicious Spring cookies that were gobbled up!
And, if you are wondering, I have already bought Christmas 2011 & will receive it in June. We will have our Christmas Open House November 6th.
We still have many wonderful Spring & Easter treasure you have to have. Come in today & see them for yourself.

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Mary Beth said...

You left out an important ingredient--your sense of style and taste.That's a gift you, Berley, were born with. You always amaze me! Also, the cookies were delicious.