Monday, November 7, 2011


This year's Christmas Open House celebrated "Home for Christmas." At a time of economic uncertainty, we are celebrating home, family, & friends this Christmas. Our trees reflect the love we have for our home town & all our friends & family.
The love of childhood Christmas is reflected in our "Santa Please" tree. This tree is filled with santas, reindeer, snowmen, & a lot of "fresh baked cookies."

Our Crimson themed tree reflects the formal trees our grandparents would have in their living rooms. We would always sneak in there to spy on our Christmas gifts. This tree has a lot of gold, red, & bronze ornaments.

Over the woods & through the snow we get to the cabin for a cozy Christmas. Our elegant lodge tree is filled with all things in nature including red birds, deer, pine cones, & acorns.

The real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. Our "Joy to the World" tree is filled with nativities, churches, angels & crosses.

We all hope you will come in & see us this holiday season. We have so many wonderful collections that you will love. We always appreciate you shopping locally this Christmas.

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