Friday, February 10, 2012


I always enjoy hearing stories from my friends & customers about Valentine's gifts they received that were less than romantic. Although these bring back laughs now, think of the look of horror when they opened them up. I bet those mistakes were not made again!

My favorite is the lady who received a rake!!!! I'm sure he did a lot of "raking" to make up for that mistake.

Guess who will and will not be vacuuming.

No romantic meals will be made with this Valentine's gift.

See the wrinkle in this gift idea?

You may need them, but do you really want them for Valentine's Day?

Leave us a comment & let us know about your worst & now funniest Valentine's Day gift you received. You may want to forward this blog to your Valentine so that they do not make these mistakes this year! Come in & see us for great Valentine's gifts that you will cherish a lifetime.

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