Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Achieving The "Evelyn's" Look

Many of our wonderful customers come in the shop and comment that they wish their homes could look like our shop. Most say that the accessories they purchase don't look quite the same in their homes as they do in our shop. One of the best ways to solve this decorating dilemma is to take a look at your placement of your accessories. Most people place the tall objects towards the back and the small items to the front. This gives a "flat" presentation of your treasures. The eye likes to wonder through your setting. Mix up the tall, medium, and small objects on your table or book shelves. Place some small items towards the middle, some medium items to the front, and the tall objects in the middle and back. This will give a eye-pleasing display. The eye will wonder throughout your entire display to see all the treasures you have collected. Have fun and remember to come and see us at the shop for all the NEW treasures you must have!

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