Sunday, March 30, 2008

Declare Your Independence

Every time I listen to the news I hear about the dismal state of our economy. All reports show that retail sales are down, or at best, break-even to previous year's sales. What the news does not tell you is that they base this information on the top "big box" businesses. While big box businesses are having a tough time, the independent businesses are actually having increases in business. Many shoppers are "re-discovering" the independent shops in their neighborhoods. The independent businesses can offer you something that big box businesses and chain stores can't, unique products at fair prices coupled with outstanding customer service. When was the last time you got a sales person at a big mart store to help you pick out the perfect gift for your grandmother and wrap it for no charge? Independent business owners are in business because they love it and their customers. I encourage you, during these trying economic times, to support your locally owned businesses and let them show you how much they care for you and your community! We always appreciate our customers at Evelyn's and look forward seeing you soon.

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